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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Product Development, Marketing and Customer Experience Conference

AR & VR Product Development, Marketing and CX Conference Through opening up a whole new canvas for storytelling and brand exploration, AR and VR offer novel, unprecedented ways to capture, hold attention and enhance the experience for customers. Nevertheless, surveys show that Singapore businesses remain skeptical about the immersive technologies, as exploration of such new technologies requires a keen understanding and a strong line of sight to brand strategy.

The Most Exciting Medical Technologies of 2017


2016 was a rich year for medical technology. Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality. Smart algorithms analysing wearable data. Amazing technologies arrived in our lives and on the market almost every day. And it will not stop in the coming year.

The role of a futurist is certainly not making bold predictions about the future. No such big bet has taken humanity forward. Instead, our job is constantly analysing the trends shaping the future and trying to build bridges between them and what we have today. Still, people expect me to come up with predictions about medical technologies every year, and thus here they are.