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Nike Training Club Hits the Apple Watch (At Last)

Nike Training Club Hits the Apple Watch (At Last)

Nike Training Club Hits the Apple Watch (At Last)’s training app will bring more than 180 workouts to the Apple Watch. Nike has always been willing to experiment with wearables and sports tech, but experiment has been the key word. The Training Club app was one of the most serious, long-term tech projects for Nike: a sports training app that collects workouts created by experts and instructed via both audio and video by certified Nike trainers and professional athletes.

Do compression sports clothes really improve performance?

Do compression sports clothes really improve performance? | Life and style | The Guardian recent study funded by Nike appears to pour cold water on the supposed performance benefits of compression clothing. They found no difference in the levels of fatigue between those wearing compression garments and those wearing normal shorts.

Top 25 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Top 25 Father's Day Gift Ideas - AskMen

Top 25 Father’s Day Gift Ideas – AskMen dad was one who probably bought you your first soccer ball, the one who stood on the sidelines at your sports games, picked you up from your first party (and probably subsequently scolded you for attending said party), and taught you a plethora of valuable life lessons.

Attack of the drones: sport’s next big buzz

by Simon Parkin @

They have been responsible for innumerable deaths in the Middle East during the last decade and, if Amazon has its way, will deliver millions of toasters, gift sets and novels in the future. But recently drones have begun to fulfil a less utilitarian kind of role: competition in the nascent world of futuristic motorsports. A confluence of technological advances has made drone racing possible. A minuscule camera, mounted on the drone’s nose, allows the pilot, as competitors are luxuriously titled, to control the vehicle through virtual reality-style goggles, as if perched in its tiny cockpit.

With powerful lithium batteries, the size of which dictates the speed class of the drone, these machines, which are typically the size of a box of tissues, can reach speeds in excess of 120mph. Studded with coloured LEDs, they fly like hyper-evolved, fluorescent mosquitoes and, thanks to their size and manoeuvrability, can make use of those areas of a sports stadium that are usually out of bounds: streaking over the pitch, for example, before grazing through a window, along a corridor and out again into the night sky. Impromptu courses can be set up anywhere. In September, during an event timed to coincide with the Paris Drone festival, pilots raced along the Champs-Élysées, watched by 150,000 spectators.

Coach’s Best Of 2016

The products and places that have most delighted the Coach team this year

by Coach Staff @

When history looks back on 2016 it will be known as a tumultuous time for the planet – but, hopefully, our descendants will also appreciate the masterful apps, delightful snacks and impressive sportswear that Coach particularly enjoyed this year…

New Sony Ericsson T610

The triple-band Sony Ericsson GSM/GPRS T610 sports a 65,536 colour screen as well as an integrated digital camera and Bluetooth connectivity. The user can share pictures between the phone, a PC and other consumer devices – either locally over Bluetooth or cable, or across the mobile phone networks with MMS or e-mail. The T610 is also the first Sony Ericsson product equipped with QuickShare; a new application providing image sharing capabilities. I guess the question should be, “Does it work with Mac OS X?” [Review here, update here]