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How to Make Money Online: 38 Remote Jobs in 2018

How to Make Money Online: 38 Remote Jobs in 2018 – The Mission – Medium

How to Make Money Online: 38 Remote Jobs in 2018 – The Mission – Medium’s becoming easier by the day to work from a laptop. We’ve all seen the countless plots, gimmicks, articles, and suggestions on what you can do to make money online — but I’m not going to add most of those jobs in here. No survey taking, or video watching — only legitimate jobs you can do from your computer…

8 ways to watch movies online for free

8 ways to watch movies online for free - CNET

8 ways to watch movies online for free – CNET you need is internet and a TV, phone or tablet. Only the popcorn will cost you. Well, that and the internet connection for your phone, laptop or set-top box. Here are eight services offering totally free (and totally legal) movies you can watch online. (One quick note: Selections change regularly, so not all the titles listed here may still be available.)

How One World Traveler Innovates Food and Wearable Technology

by Anna Lizaur @

When Sonia Hunt faces an obstacle, she builds a solution that helps others overcome it.

Growing up with food allergies, Sonia noticed the lack of information for herself and others who love food but need to be careful about what they eat. Sonia filled this gap by creating her own food and wellness blog, where she shares her experiences traveling the world and indulging in rich foods.

Aside from the food space, Sonia is also innovating wearable technology. Her company Neyya is a ring that gives you control over your laptop, phone and other devices. In our interview, Sonia shares the idea behind Neyya and how her team created the product in an unlikely place, her passions for building relationships and how she stays inspired.

Another new Clie!

Palm InfoCenter: Sony Japan has taken the wraps off the new Clie, expected to be officially announced in San Francisco tomorrow. The Clie PEG-UX50 has a mini laptop like design with a swivel screen and built in keyboard. The device has a integrated in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless as well as a digital camera. [Update]

My Digital Hub

In my lustful quest for living out Apple’s Digital Hub, I’ve managed to build an entertainment center around my Titanium PowerBook. A 42″ plasma TV serves as a second monitor for DVD, cable TV, web surfing, Quicktime and iTunes visuals. Wireless pervades the house with both 802.11b and Bluetooth connectivity for the laptop, cellphone, and PDA – downstairs audio is also transmitted wirelessly to the upstairs sound system. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image. [Update]


I’m finally updating this web site on a brand-spankin’ new Titanium PowerBook G4! I’ve christened him “Mercutio,” Titan seems to be too cute and pretentious. My previous PowerBook’s name was Lombardo – if you notice a trend of naming them after their Apple codenames, then give yourself a pat on the back for being one smart dude. =) After upgrading the firmware to 4.1.8, hacking the DVD firmware to be region-free, installing a 20GB drive and an AirPort card, repartitioning the drive for Mac OS X, reinstalling both OS 9.1 and X on hfs and ufs partitions respectively (I prefer them exclusive of each other), moving old configurations and data to both OSs, allocating a dedicated swap partition for X, and making sure everything’s how Lombardo used to be (and better) – I can safely say that we’re back online, baby!

Dual Processor Titanium PowerBook G4!!!

In a low-key product retooling, Apple quietly released to distributors and retail chains a dual-processor version of their phenomenally successful PowerBook G4 Titanium product. Sporting an identical, inch-thin profile, the 5.1 pound notebooks are now shipping in either dual-500 or dual-633 MHz configurations.