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OpenIPC…Making the WyzeCam More Useful?

OpenIPC…Making the WyzeCam More Useful? – IoT Rant

OpenIPC…Making the WyzeCam More Useful? – IoT Rant have been using a WyzeCam for a while (well actually a couple WyzeCams) and have been very happy with the video quality and the app functionality. You can read my full review here but one of my complaints was third party integrations as currently there are none.

Best Vision of the Future (Smart City): Wi-Fiber Intelli-Platform Integrated Streetlights

Meanwhile, our 17-year-old Manila Metro Rail Transit System also known as the MRT Line 3, MRT-3 or Metrostar Express, which only has one line and 13 stations, is finding it hard to keep up with the rapid backwards acceleration towards the Middle Ages this country has recently been so adamant to pursue. Remember: murder bad, progress good. It shouldn’t take a historical piece of literature to state that basic, obvious, moral tenet incontrovertible to any civilized species. </donvy>

“During the construction of the first line of the Manila Light Rail Transit System in the early 1980s, Electrowatt Engineering Services of Zürich designed a comprehensive plan for metro service in Metro Manila. The plan—still used as the basis for planning new metro lines—consisted of a 150-kilometer (93 mi) network of rapid transit lines spanning all major corridors within 20 years, including a line on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, the region’s busiest road corridor.” –Wikipedia

Presenting the Best of CES 2018 winners!

Presenting the Best of CES 2018 winners! want our cities to be smart, but often the cost of accomplishing such a feat would be eye-watering even for the most-flush of folks. Consequently, companies are looking for ways to bolt on smart-city equipment to existing infrastructure. Wi-Fiber has built a lamppost head that contains security cameras, IoT and municipal WiFi equipment within its slender body. It even gives basic street lighting an upgrade, offering the ability to change color or flash to direct emergency services straight to where the crisis is. — Dan Cooper, Senior Editor

Imagination adds safety, resilience to processor for IoT

Imagination adds safety, resilience to processor for IoT | TechConnect

Imagination adds safety, resilience to processor for IoT | TechConnect’s why manufacturers in many industries seek to make their products functionally safe — that is, ensuring that they remain in a safe state and respond as expected, regardless of environment, inputs or hardware failures. There are even standards for how to do so: The generic IEC 61508 has variants for specific industries, including ISO 26262 for automotive manufacturing.

The Father of Android Is Back, and He’s Built the Anti-iPhone Rubin’s new company, Essential, arrives with a new smartphone and an IoT hub. Essential launches publicly today with the announcement of two products expected later this summer: a $699 smartphone called Phone and a smart-home hub called Home that Rubin hopes will bring order to the endless standards, protocols, and systems wrought by the Internet of Things.

How Amazon is bringing the Alexa experience to your phone

How Amazon is bringing the Alexa experience to your phone | TechConnect

How Amazon is bringing the Alexa experience to your phone | TechConnect already become the dominant force in smart home technology, Amazon is tightening its grip on IoT by bringing Alexa to your phone.

Designing the Internet of Things

5 Critical Design Principles for IoT

by Sergio Ortiz @

IoT continues to gain tremendous momentum, and even more organizational interest, to the tune of multi-million dollar investments. Companies like Samsung, Google, Ford, GE, and more have made tremendous organizational shifts, in order to fully understand and contribute markedly to what many are calling the next big technological revolution.

It’s both exciting and surreal. Exciting because of the potential to create intelligent environments. And surreal because many people still don’t know what IoT is, what it means, and why it’s important to them. And it’s this very mystery of IoT that should guide the next wave of IoT experiences.

As IoT continues to enter the mainstream, it needs to elevate beyond the technology, beyond the novelty of simply being connected. The value of IoT products needs to be clearly understood by consumers and seamlessly adapted to their lives.

The Internet of Very Small Computers Masquerading as Things

by Sam Gerstenzang @

This is what the “Internet of Things” missed… the important part wasn’t the internet, but the “thing.” The “internet” is grabbing the telescope by the wrong end: what’s important is that this very small computer has the affordances of a pencil but is making its own decisions and is now orbiting my phone.