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6 wearables that will change the landscape of healthcare

by Teo Jun Hong @

Although currently under-the-radar, wearables and smart technologies – some on the skin, some are subdermal, and some just on our smartphones – promise to change the landscape of healthcare as we know it today. Some encourage us to be more active, while others promise to improve our quality of care, and raise our standard of living.

Gadget deciphers dogspeak

Japanese toymaker claims to have developed a gadget that translates dog barks into human language. It plans to begin selling the product to be known as Bowlingual in US pet stores, gift shops and retail outlets later this year. Tokyo-based Takara Co says about 300,000 of the dog translator devices have been sold since its launch in Japan late last year. It is forecasting far bigger sales once an English-language version comes to America in August.

Billiard tech & other inventions…

For those of you who are fond of billiards, check out CueSight‘s laser-sighted pool cues, one of which I will soon be a proud, though geeky, owner of! Then visit’s 21st Challenge – future products you would want to own now; such as the new Digital Helenometer© which scans your appearance and gives you an instant readout in millihelen units. (One millihelen equals enough beauty to launch one ship)