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Isle of Dogs review – a canine tale of strange beauty

Isle of Dogs review – a canine tale of strange beauty | Film | The Guardian none of the archness of his Fantastic Mr Fox, Wes Anderson’s gorgeous new stop-motion tale is a funny, touching, doggy delight

The Gourmand magazine: at the cutting edge

The Gourmand magazine: at the cutting edge | Global | The Guardian cuisine, art and snails, this magazine for gourmets has taken food writing to some astonishing new places. Killian Fox meets the duo behind it

Fox crime drama sees police turning to the public for real-time alerts

by Mona Lalwani @

What happens when an eccentric billionaire buys an entire district of the police force and equips it with a gamut of high-tech tools to fight crime? Fox’s latest crime drama, APB, is a timely take on the challenges of privatizing the police force and the implications of fighting crime with invasive technologies.

The show, which premiered on Monday night, is inspired by a real-life story of a wealthy New Orleans entrepreneur who took it upon himself to crowdsource crime alerts through an app. APB presents an exaggerated version of that reality: A tech billionaire named Gideon Reeves (played by Justin Kirk) witnesses the murder of a close friend in an act of petty violence. Enraged by the tragedy, he seeks justice at Chicago’s 13th police district. Instead, he walks away with the sobering realization that law enforcement is painfully overworked and underfunded.

’24’ returning to Fox for 12 episodes

Fox executives said Monday that its drama “24” is returning next May for a limited run that will stretch into the summer. The adventure series with Kiefer Sutherland starring as Jack Bauer ended its original run in 2010.

“They always had this idea of maybe someday doing a feature film,” he said. “I think they all agreed 24 being compressed into two hours is not 24.”

Episode I DVD

On October 16, Lucasfilm Ltd. and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will begin the worldwide release of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace on DVD. The highly anticipated arrival of Episode I marks the first film of the Star Wars saga to debut on DVD. Clocking in at about 480 minutes in length, it features over six hours of additional bonus material, including brand new visual effects sequences executed just for the DVD release. More details from’s “DVD: The Wait is Over.”