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Apple File System FAQ: How APFS works with older Macs, encryption, external drives, and other questions

Apple File System (APFS) FAQ

Apple File System (APFS) FAQ questions about APFS mounted up, and we have a pile of answers and advice.

iOS 11 is coming today: Best features, how to download and more

iOS 11: Release date, best features, tips and download - CNET

iOS 11: Release date, best features, tips and download – CNET iOS 11 should be pretty straightforward. You’ll get a notification letting you know there’s an update available. At that time, you’ll want to be on Wi-Fi and connected to power, so that your phone doesn’t die downloading the large 2.04 GB install file. Some years, it’s taken us a long time to download the new version of iOS, likely because so many people are downloading the new software. Prepare to spend what could be an hour downloading the file and staying connected to power.

Free ‘Subtitles’ App For TV Shows And Movies

From cultofmac.comSubtitles is pretty handy to have if all you ever need to do is grab an SRT file once in a while. Just drag the video file onto the app and it’ll search for the movie or TV show and fetch the subtitle file. The app will download that file to the same directory as the original movie file, and will rename it to match that file.

Customize Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar Finder Toolbar

Previously, all the predefined icons for the Finder Toolbar are stored in the /System/Library/CoreServices/, now Jaguar stores some of them in /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemIcons.bundle, although some are still stored in folder. Now you can change the Computer icon from the default iMac to match your own computer by replacing the SystemIcons.bundle/Contents/Resources/iMac.icns with your own file.

Sony Clie Palm OS 4.1 self-upgrade

Members of the Clie Users Group on Yahoo have figured out a way to upgrade a Clie PEG-N7x0C to the level of a Clie PEG-N760C running Palm OS 4.1 using FlashWrite and a backup copy of an N760C using JackSprat. Step-by-step instructions are available from the Palm Boulevard Message Boards and from Palm InfoCenter’s Forum. Kudos to Rune for taking the first plunge! =) Relevant files may be downloaded from the ClieUpgrade Yahoo Group. Pictures of the upgrade process may be found here while the ROM file may also be found here.

New file compression utility lzip

Lzip from SourceForge is an advanced file compression utility that generates smaller file sizes than either gzip or bzip2, and does so much faster. Lzip can achieve these goals because it it based on a so-called “lossy” compression scheme which can reduce your bloated files down to 10%, 15%, in some cases 0% of their original size!