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Best Startup of CES 2018

Presenting the Best of CES 2018 winners!

Presenting the Best of CES 2018 winners! Box VR is building the gym of the future. Using the HTC Vive, motion-tracking controllers and specially designed workout equipment, Black Box turns exercise into a video game. The plan is to set up a boutique gym in San Francisco this year, where members can strap into a game, work out and attempt to land on the local leaderboards. This is just the beginning of the VR fitness market. — Jessica Conditt, Senior Reporter

Why Weight Training Is Ridiculously Good For You strength and longevity, resistance training may be the best kind of exercise. He says lifting “almost to failure”—or until your muscles are near the point of giving out—is the real key, regardless of how much weight you’re using. “This is a huge boon to adherence, because many older adults or those with injuries or joint issues may not be able to lift heavy loads,” he says.

LastPass warns users to exercise caution while it fixes ‘major’ vulnerability

LastPass warns users to exercise caution while it fixes ‘major’ vulnerability | Technology | The Guardian manager security flaw found by researcher from Google, prompting fears sophisticated hackers might be able to exploit it

It’s Official*: These Are The Five Most Effective Exercises Ever


It’s important to get value from each and every workout you undertake. If you spend an hour faffing around at the gym, wandering between machines and weights stands doing little actual exercise, you’re unlikely to see many positive results.

To ensure your workouts are effective, it’s always helpful to get the advice of a personal trainer. Even better is to get 1,400 of them together for a survey that reveals the five most effective exercises of all time, as UK budget gym chain The Gym Group did.

So, drumroll please… In no particular order, these are the five most effective exercises for a full-body workout.

Coach’s Best Of 2016

The products and places that have most delighted the Coach team this year

by Coach Staff @

When history looks back on 2016 it will be known as a tumultuous time for the planet – but, hopefully, our descendants will also appreciate the masterful apps, delightful snacks and impressive sportswear that Coach particularly enjoyed this year…

How being alone may be the key to rest

How much rest do we think we need, who is getting the most, and what are the most restful activities? The results of the world’s largest survey on rest indicate that to feel truly rested, a lot of us want to be alone. By Claudia Hammond / BBC Radio 4 By Claudia Hammond / BBC Radio 4

Last November an online survey called The Rest Test was launched to investigate what rest means to different people, how they like to rest and whether there is a link between rest and well-being. The results are now in and the analysis has begun.

Rest sounds easy to define, but turns out to be far from straightforward. Does it refer to a rested mind or a rested body? Actually, it depends. For some, the mind can’t rest unless the body is at rest. For others it is the opposite. It is the tiring out of the body through vigorous exercise that allows the mind to rest – 16% of people said they find exercise restful.

Red Bull

Red Bull, the energy drink that has become popular among the over-worked and the over-partied, is under investigation in Sweden after reports that at least three people have died after consuming it. A public warning advising people not to take Red Bull mixed with alcohol nor to drink it after exercise has been issued by Sweden’s National Food Administration. More from’s article “Red Bull under investigation.” Some cocktail recipes may be found here, for those who dare. also has this article, “Red Bull: Dot-Com Survival Soda.”