Visit the mall early on any day and you’ll be thinking it has the best geriatric park benches and there must be some hospice nearby.

I have the utmost respect for wisdom and maturity but NOT FOR ATTITUDE AND ENTITLEMENT. You see, senior citizens enjoy enormous discounts here in the Philippines but more so in Makati City, with unlimited and unencumbered free movie tickets.

And herein lies the problem: they now DEMAND FOR RESPECT AND DEFERENCE, both of which are EARNED NOT DESERVED. If only I could ask for proof that they have, indeed, contributed to society and paid their due taxes enough to qualify in that my own taxes should pay for their free movie tickets.

I long for the day when perhaps five years from now, this mall will be mostly empty. When these particular geriatrics with their abusive, entitled, and rude behavior; setting a particularly obnoxious example to the future generations, are no longer among the living. Good riddance!