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Lady Gaga Unveils Anime Cyborg at Her Las Vegas Show

Lady Gaga Unveils Anime Cyborg at Her Las Vegas Show -

Lady Gaga Unveils Anime Cyborg at Her Las Vegas Show – Geek.com Gaga has unveiled a new high-tech addition to her Las Vegas concert lineup: An anime cyborg. On Friday, Lady Gaga teased the anime cyborg on her Twitter account. This anime cyborg appears …

The Best Sci-Fi On Netflix Streaming

by K. Thor Jensen @

Being able to press a button and get a movie instantly sent to your TV is sort of the stuff of science fiction anyways, so it’s not surprising that Netflix has a pretty solid selection of sci-fi to stream. Picking through all of the detritus, though, can be a slog. There are a lot of lousy low-budget disease pandemic freakouts and cyborg fight club cheapies to skip over.

Watch the second trailer for the ‘Ghost in the Shell’ movie

The live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell is fast-approaching theaters, so of course Hollywood’s marketing machine is churning out more trailers in anticipation. The latest teaser is a two-minute affair diving into “The Major” and her mysterious origins. Little is revealed but there are plenty of hints concerning her previous life. While the government has given her one story, the film’s shady villain, a damaged but dangerous cyborg called Kuze, is offering another, quite different version. Much of the movie, it seems, will focus on The Major hunting Kuze and the truth simultaneously.

6 wearables that will change the landscape of healthcare

by Teo Jun Hong @

Although currently under-the-radar, wearables and smart technologies – some on the skin, some are subdermal, and some just on our smartphones – promise to change the landscape of healthcare as we know it today. Some encourage us to be more active, while others promise to improve our quality of care, and raise our standard of living.