Exclusive: Qualcomm's iPhone X Still Outpaces Intel's - Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Exclusive: Qualcomm’s iPhone X Still Outpaces Intel’s – Apple iPhone 8 Plushttp://sea.pcmag.com/apple-iphone-8-plus/18482/news/exclusive-qualcomms-iphone-x-still-outpaces-intelsWith exclusive lab testing from Cellular Insights, PCMag found that the Qualcomm-powered iPhone X has better LTE performance than Intel models, although the gap is narrowing. There are three iPhone X models sold globally. Using lab equipment, Cellular Insights tested two of them: the Qualcomm-powered A1865, sold by Sprint, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular and in Australia, China, and India; and the Intel-powered A1901, sold by most other global carriers including AT&T and T-Mobile. (The third model, A1902, is only sold in Japan.) If you want the best possible LTE performance. You can do that by purchasing the factory-unlocked, SIM-free model directly from Apple in the US or Australia, or by purchasing a Verizon Wireless or Sprint unit.