WordCamp Manila 2017 – A new Dawn Rises for WordPress Philippines

WordCamp Manila 2017 – A new Dawn Rises for WordPress Philippineshttps://2017.manila.wordcamp.orgWordCamp Manila 2017 is happening NOW: Nov 11, 2017 at the iAcademy Plaza. Registration started at 7AM!

To give back to the community: I’ve found a curious pleasure in helping out in however small a contribution I could muster. I’ve given my free time to the Mind Museum @ BGC Manila during their Maker Faire exhibit and it engendered a sense of fulfillment with the Filipino scientific, technical, and academic communities. In stark contrast with the idiotic, moronic, and neanderthal attitude prevalent in this administration’s attitude towards the impoverished majority, we should endeavor towards progress and not let this doom and gloom prevail.

It’s a content management system, which is highly customizable, very stable, and it democratized blogging for everyone, even those that should pursue other aspirations. Heavens! Some even call themselves journalists! Oh my! For this reason I do not consider myself a blogger as any work worthy of the printed page will go through much scrutiny before being actually printed using actual ink on actual paper. One still needs to be literate enough to write compelling prose, regardless of the medium. And that, dear reader, is our conundrum. We have the tools, now we need the words.

I’m interested in making my services available as a human volunteer for your 11 Nov 2017 event but an archaic instruction insisting that I “agree first to the good faith rules in becoming a volunteer” has left me in a baffled state wherein my constant search for a button marked “Agree,” which would symbolically proclaim my agreement, has been to no avail. Oh wherefore art thou WordPress overlords? The technology behind this information dissemination data source and display has somehow failed in the most basic tenet of the lowly Internet button. Either that or my Safari web browser is significantly incompatible with such a basic web element. Well, consider this my interest expressed and your good faith rules agreed to. Cheers!

In such a divisive moment in human civilization’s history, in this young country’s history, this organization could learn much from the Internet’s humble beginnings instead of exhibiting youthful arrogance from its “leaders” in calling out progressives and non-conformists as “jerks” hiding in the guise of “good faith” instead of unclouding their vision and seeing these as opportunities for improvement, progress, and change.