Protect your data to the highest standards? Whose standards? Clearly their level of ineptitude is orders of magnitude lower than the average WordPress site.

For a multinational, banking and financial web site that won’t even allow the lowly apostrophe on their message fields, this Citibank (Philippines) web site’s high-school interns pretending to be web developers sure know how to concoct a cop-out excuse. Update, or forever hold your peace.

So it tells you how to find out your macOS Safari web browser version considering the entire Mac platform is not part of their minimum requirements. A strange absence of logic.

And Adobe Flash? Really? The 20th century called, they’re asking for your credentials:

And what kind of UX designer messes up a built-in PIN generator inside a mobile app by placing it in the login page and upon login, the generator is nowhere to be found? Without even an auto-copy feature, in this hacker-infested climate we sadly exist in, you are tasked with the burden of memorizing this ONE-TIME PIN so you can enter it elsewhere. Just use the SMS 2-factor authentication – it works faster, you’ve got 2 screens, and copy-and-paste works.

And when a mobile app resorts to multiple, unrelated, security features – it begs the question, “Is Apple’s iPhone fingerprint scanner’s security so unreliable in that within the app, you felt compelled to request for another security verification once you’re logged in?” Or perhaps they aren’t confident of their security measures. I believe the latter.

And when you point this out in Citibank (Philippines) “Contact Us” page as well as their Feedback sections, your account strangely putters out? I pointed this out twice, my account won’t let me in twice. Coincidence? Or insecure employees who do not wish to be held accountable.

And when you try to “fix” it yourself, the UserID and Password links on the login page of their site ( both direct you to a single URL addressing a single issue. Really? Errors in hyperlinks? That is perhaps the most basic of all basic HTML errors. Imagine what else they f#cked up?