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macOS High Sierra and APFS: Cautions! – MacDailyNews – Welcome Home“Along with the release of the first developer beta of macOS Sierra in June of 2016, Apple included a prerelease version of the Apple File System (APFS), a major update to the previous file system, HFS+, which was released in 1998 as an update to HFS,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl.


This, here, is a tale of woe… of failure… of dreams lost… of hopes shattered… of aspirations crushed… of shrieks of failure amidst endless startup chimes as I reboot my Mac over, and over, and over, and over…

Has anyone updated/upgraded their Macs to macOS High Sierra yet? If you have, and you don’t have any problems, hats off to you!!! As I have spent a good 36 hours (with no sleep) trying to upgrade my aging iMac and have completely failed, for the first time ever, to deal with a measly update.

Of course I exaggerate – this is no measly update; as the underlying filesystem has been completely revamped. From HFS+, the structure of the hard drive where all your data resides is now APFS, an entirely new beast and completely incompatible with Macs since the move to Intel.

DO NOT format any of your external drives to APFS, this is much highlighted by Apple in the form of a warning. APFS was designed to advance, improve, and increase security for your boot drive – since most drives now employ some form of hybrid platter and solid state buffers; much like a hybrid car with gasoline and electrical parts. External, data-only drives won’t benefit much, and run the risk of limited options as far as disk images are concerned.

Anyway, I have now decided to downgrade my iMac from macOS High Sierra back to macOS Sierra. I just want my old iMac back! Please! We’ve got tons of work to do! I’ll just wait for this new OS to mature a little like 0.6 sub-versions in the future, before I lead the charge and maintain my cutting-edge status as a tech guru (in my head). My circa 2011 iMac doesn’t seem to be up to par with these latest toys and whatnot from Apple.

In case you’re wondering, your iPhones are all using the same APFS in the structure of their files, data, and apps. Ever since the iOS 11 update last month. Of course 128GB or so is diminutive compared to our desktop computers’ terabytes and whatnot of data.

And make sure you back up your data using Time Machine!!! Eventually we will all have to update to macOS High Sierra, and the last thing I want to hear is you lost all your data, photos, documents, etc. Remember, Jesus saves! =D

Perhaps your new toys like last year’s MacBook’s and Air’s and Pro’s chewed through the update like jello; but I highly recommend everyone wait since you will probably seek my help if you run into problems and I, myself, prefer the status quo… in hindsight. <rotfl>

I have no access to emoji’s since I’m typing this on a barebones installation of my computer as I prepare to head back to the middle ages – software-wise.

Cheers! Here’s to the rest of my weekend to be spent on macOS re-installation! Sigh…