This week my generation has started to pass on, go the way of all flesh, cross the great divide. Making the reality of our mortality all the more real. No amount of denial or medical advances or belief in the afterlife changes the inevitability of the end of this one life we have been living. I for one, am grateful for bearing witness to Tito Egay’s skill, artistry and genius during our shared journey in that memorable corner that turned out masterpieces of design, articulate prose, and moving images that have changed the Philippine broadcast landscape – and that was all before the advent of digital! Tito Egay: a toast to our shared journeys, individual trajectories, and eventual destinations. </donvy>

by Hilal Isler @

“Even if it’s inconvenient, even if you’re worried you’ll sob all the way through the service, go. Do it for the family. To them, it matters. You might not think it does, but it does. It really does.”