Oh! And if your photos aren’t amazing, and you’re older than a toddler, we’ve all seen fireworks and know how they look like so spare us your mediocre photography. 😃

Capture amazing fireworks shots with your iPhone - CNET

Capture amazing fireworks shots with your iPhone – CNEThttps://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-capture-amazing-fireworks-photos-with-your-iphone-camera/The Fourth of July provides an annual chance to test our smartphone photography skills. Even though it may not feel like it, the iOS camera app has a healthy selection of options and modes with which you can experiment. Find a good spot to place your phone, start a time-lapse and capture a long firework show with very little effort. Or use the slow-motion setting to record a video of a colorful blast streak across the sky. iPhone users can use an Apple Watch to take a photo. Or if you don’t have an Apple Watch, connect a pair of headphones and use the volume button to trigger the camera.