by Sharee Ann Narciso-Tolentino @

Graphic design is not simply clicking and clacking on a computer keyboard. It has become a widely accepted form of art in our modern world. This art involves many elements, and typography is one of them. Typography is not just any kind of art – it is an entire process on its own. It involves setting, arranging, and designing type. Because of the importance of text in overall design, it has become one of the biggest aspects of a good, sound graphic design project. Not only does it provide the proper context to the visuals, it also rids it of miscommunications and misunderstandings. Because of this, graphic designers have an obligation to make sure that they pick the right typography for the needed message.

Eryn Stubblefield offers a straightforward lesson on typography, targeting first-timers and rookies in graphic design. You can check out her post on to learn more.