As early as October of 2001, Gold’s Gym at Glorietta has been offering membership to its soon-to-open fitness center, promising a March 2002 opening date. It has been a month since that promised date, and yet rubble is still visible at the gym’s location, with no official word from Gold’s Gym as to the delays. Anton San Diego of The Inquirer (Feb. 16) mentions a “soft opening in March and grand opening in July.” I seriously wonder what the hell a “soft opening” is – whatever it was, it never happened. A luncheon/show was held last February 19 at StreetLife, but no mention of the delays were made. How can they possibly NOT know that they can’t open in two (2) weeks time! Can you spell S-C-A-M? Perhaps Gold’s Gym doesn’t know that its franchisee, GlobalFit Asia, is fucking up in the Philippines. Email and let them know that Filipinos won’t stand for this. Can you imagine this situation happening in the U.S.? Can you spell L-A-W-S-U-I-T? [Update: They have opened as of 15 May 2002, albeit without shower facilities! Duh?]