Timecanada.com has earlier posted an article on Apple’s new iMac, set to be announced in a few hours at Macworld Expo, as featured on the cover of the January 14 issue of Time magazine. The new iMac features a G4 processor housed in a hemisphere base with a chrome arm that extends and holds the 15-inch flat panel display. The high-end model, which will sell for US$1,800, features a SuperDrive; an entry level model will sell for $1,200. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is quoted as calling the new iMac “the best thing we’ve ever done.” Also revealed in the article are details of Apple’s iPhoto software, which will allow users to easily create photo albums from their digital images. Users will also be able to create a 10-page photo album of their images, which Apple will print and collate into a hardcover album for about US$30. From MacMinute.com