From “The iWalk is not based on the Palm OS. The OS shown in the video looks like a blend between traditional PDA operating systems and Apple’s OS X. Some other interesting observations: The iWalk accepts handwriting input with a silver stylus. The user is able to write on the entire screen to input information, and is not limited to a small “text box” like of the Palm line of PDAs. The iWalk is larger than PDAs currently on the market, with the majority of the extra size being given to screen real-estate. All of the main ports are at the top of the unit. We can clearly make out Firewire, audio-in and audio-out ports. In the center is a relatively large unmarked port which we speculate as being a port for Apple’s new Gigawire.” More photos and videos from’s web site (registration required). Anybody want to buy a used Clié? =)