I’m finally updating this web site on a brand-spankin’ new Titanium PowerBook G4! I’ve christened him “Mercutio,” Titan seems to be too cute and pretentious. My previous PowerBook’s name was Lombardo – if you notice a trend of naming them after their Apple codenames, then give yourself a pat on the back for being one smart dude. =) After upgrading the firmware to 4.1.8, hacking the DVD firmware to be region-free, installing a 20GB drive and an AirPort card, repartitioning the drive for Mac OS X, reinstalling both OS 9.1 and X on hfs and ufs partitions respectively (I prefer them exclusive of each other), moving old configurations and data to both OSs, allocating a dedicated swap partition for X, and making sure everything’s how Lombardo used to be (and better) – I can safely say that we’re back online, baby!