PDABuzz.com offers a sneak peek on a new Handspring Visor “Edge” PDA for release this spring (April/May). It’s thinner, sleeker, and reminds you a lot about Apple’s TiBook. The new device will have an all metal case, PalmOS 3.5, 8MB RAM, a lithium (ion or polymer are uncertain) battery, a detachable Springboard adaptor, and it will be the lightest & thinnest Visor yet. A reader notes that the Edge, like other Handsprings, does not come with PalmOS 4.0 nor is the OS upgradable. That instantly gives the Palm m500 the upper hand. Updated info from Go2Mac’s Visor Edge Details. • Dave Wilson of LATimes.com had his hands on a working prototype of the much-awaited paper cellphone in this article: New Origami Trick: Turn Paper Into a Functional Phone.